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Sensitive Skin

Which Sensitizing Ingredients In Cosmetic Sensitive Skin Should Avoid

We cannot stress this enough: sensitizing, harsh, abrasive, and fragrant ingredients are harmful to the skin. Daily application of skin care products that contain sensitizing ingredients is a major way we unknowingly do our skin a disservice! Sensitizing ingredients are so dangerous because they can lead to obvious problems you wouldn’t wouldn’t see if you switched […]

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What Is Sensitive Aging Skin

As the aging process begins, the structure of skin starts to change. These changes are reflected outwardly in texture and appearance.  Due to depleting levels of the natural substances that give skin its firm and youthful appearance, fine lines and wrinkles may appear. As the internal structure weakens further, it may also lead to a […]

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What Causes Sensitive Skin To React To Products?

Makes this sound familiar with your sensitive skin: You’re excited to try a new skincare product you’ve heard about wonderful things. It goes on beautifully and feels great—but then the next morning, or a few days later, or even weeks later, the problems start showing up. People can have different negative reactions that range from red patches […]

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The result is various depending on each specific case.