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Introduction about Paragon Clinic

Proficient Doctors

Dr. Binh Huynh and partners at Paragon Clinic are always learning, practicing, researching and intensive improving skin pigmentation problems for Southeast Asian women.


Particular Treatment Solution

Doctors directly design skin pigmentation Laser treatments depending on type and location of pigmentation (epidermal, mesodermal or mixed). The result of specific treatment combined with modern machinery at Paragon Clinic will help treat skin pigmentation efficiency, safety and shortening treatment time with saving cost.


Comprehensive treatment of skin problems

Improving not only skin pigmentation but also other problems such as acne skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, scars, large pores for the skin become clean, bright, glow, smooth and strong.



The Singapore standard of absolute sterility will help you complete peace of mind during treatment at the Paragon Clinic.

Luxury Interior with Medical Standard

Located on floors 9 in Diamond Plaza, District 1, Paragon Clinic gives customers the modern and outstanding amenities by its prime location, elegant interior architecture with panoramic views of Notre Dame.


Modern Machinery

With the thorough investment in machinery and advanced technology, customers will experience the service in a comprehensive treatment.


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The result is various depending on each specific case.