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Our method is to give grateful appreciation and welcome new customers to join us in the new era to gain no-age beauty at Paragon Clinic. After a period of testing SkinBooster by using Fotona 4D Facelift and Mesotherapy, we received very positive feedback from customers. 95.5% of customers said their skin was bright white, smooth, and visibly plump after the experience. Take selfies without having to worry about the angle with Paragon’s OCTOBER 2022 PROMOTION.

Eradicates the wrinkles and sagging skin with Paragon’s OCTOBER 2022 PROMOTION

SkinBooster (Fotona 4D x Mesotherapy) delivers skin tightening and increases volume and elasticity in the deeper skin and tissues of the lower and mid-face. This procedure affects the aging and weak skin and at the same time promotes natural collagen production, increasing internal elasticity to help firm, smooth, and bright skin. The procedure combination of Mesotherapy + Fotona4D and treatment protocol tested effective from research to be carried out by Paragon’s group of certified doctors will also ensure a favorable outcome in addressing hyperpigmentation. SkinBooster is tailored and performed by Dr. Liem Danh, Dr. Duy Tran, and Dr. Binh Huynh with more than 10 years of experience in Non-Surgical Aesthetic and more than 100,000 satisfied clients locally and abroad. Let’s experience great services with highly qualified staff at Paragon Laser Clinic and take advantage of Paragon’s SPECIAL OFFER!

❝It is extremely important to consult an expert in treating Asian skin to avoid any of these side effects❞ – Dr. Danh Thanh Liem


Reverse the Aging Process with Paragon’s OCTOBER 2022 PROMOTION:

Visiting Paragon Clinic, you will be consulted and receive cosmetic treatment by well-trained Dermatologists, who have got practicing certificates as well as many years of experience in the aesthetic field.  SkinBooster is worth the investment for those looking for smoother and tighter skin. You can obtain a younger-looking face with a non-invasive procedure and no downtime. This procedure is FDA-approved skin tightening and lifting techniques:

  • Double effect in ironing away fine lines and smoothing deep wrinkles.
  • Lifting and firming your facial contours.
  • Improve definition on the jawline and under the chin.
  • Induce immediate collagen contraction.

Paragon is a full-service non-surgical aesthetic clinic using the World’s no.1 technology, researched based Non Surgical treatments, FDA & CE approved, and successfully passed quality Medical standards in Vietnam.

Save 1,000,000VND when choosing Fotona4D x Mesotherapy in SkinBooster treatment!

What we find is that most patients seek care from a dermatologist who can help them with the medication steps – stopping the forming of new pigment – but who lacks the equipment and expertise to get rid of the current dark spots the patient is experiencing. So whenever you are on your melasma journey, we are ready to help!

Q-Switched Yag lasers (Nd: Yag) are a great choice for clearing dark spots, especially for patients of Asian descent. Asian skin carries some genetic differences that make it more likely to negatively react to certain lasers, but the Yag is a safe choice, even for stubborn dark spots.
For more profound areas of pigmented patches, brown spots, or sun spots, REVLITE LASER combined with FOTONA 4D LASER have a specifically designed handpiece to treat Asian skin.


In order to remove melasma – dark spots – dark skin and under eye circles,… the average number of treatments required for partial removal is 1-2, while for complete removal this increases to 3-5.

How many treatments you will require depends on the level of melanin pigmentation and where your pigmented lesion is located – as well as what type of pigmented lesion you have.

Most patients can reasonably expect at least 3 treatments performed 4 – 6 weeks apart.


Each customer has different skin conditions, and different levels of pigment complexity, so DO NOT MATCH to apply any method. After 6 years of operation and receiving much positive feedback from customers politicians, private businessmen, and top Celebs, that is the reason why Paragon has become the top beauty choice in Saigon – The economic center of the whole of Vietnam.

As in all kinds of skin conditions, prevention is always the best medicine. It is essential the use an opaque sunblock containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide with high SPF.

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