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Laser Treatment Of Melasma

22-06-2018    371

A clinical research on treating melasma by Q-switch Nd: Yag proves its safety and effectiveness

Melasma is a skin pigment disorder specified by brown streaks or patches which gradually appear with time on thin skin areas that often exposed to sunlight such as face, back, chest and arms. This skin pigment increase on skin has affected millions of people around the world, most of whom are women.


Especially, melasma has an impact on Hispanic, African and Asian people. One of the prestigious treatment technologies is approved by FDA is Revlite Laser and Fotona by Laser Q-switch Nd: Yag and Er: Yag through clinical accreditation with satisfactory and lasting results.

Melasma treatment by Q-switch Nd: Yag

Twenty two Korean women who were supposed to have average severity melasma condition participated in the research. Woman who were pregnant, breastfeeding or experiencing hormone therapy were not allowed to be involved in. The research was designed to test the effectiveness of the treatment and whether or not side effects after several times of repetition of using laser Q-switch Nd: Yag with low frequency 1.064 nm during the melasma treatment process for Asian women.


Patients who had used skin whitening agents like hydroquinone, or woman who had been treated by laser within two months before the research were also eliminated. Participants were guided not to use any treatment forms even cosmetics or functional foods during twelve weeks of the research. This clinical research was conducted by dermatologists Jee Young Kim, Misoo Choi, Chan Hee Nam, Ji Seok Kim, Myung Hwa Kim, Byung Cheol Park, and Seung Phil Hong; approved by Evaluation Council of Dankook University Hospital (Cheonan, Korea) (IRB No. 201204-014) and its written consent was obtained from the subjects of the Helsinki declaration.


These twenty two Korean women were treated with the total number of five sessions of low PTP. The result is the general evaluation of researchers on patients improvement level sequence as 13 (59.1%) and 19 (86.4%) of 22 patients. Lightness was measured by professional skin colorimeter also proved that skin color increased 1.3 points.

Based on these studies of Nd: Yag and Er: Yag laser, along with the superior features and Fotona and Revlite laser technology, Paragon Laser Clinic doctors have come together to study the skin pigmentation laser treatment and then released a melasma treatment regimen called M3S Solution


This procedure consists of three steps: breaking down the structures and the bonds of pigmented cells, removing the pigmented cells out of the body by natural elimination mechanism and inhibiting the pigmentation from the inside. This is the first laser treatment in Vietnam specializing only in melasma, no pain, no surgery, no relaxation according to Singapore medical standards.

Laser Treatment For Melasma On Face



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