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Laser Treatment For Melasma On Face

22-06-2018    440

Melasma is regarded as one of the chronic pigmentary pathologies that are synthesized from available skin pigments (melanin) in the body. Previously, the treatment regimens such as dermabrasion, creams and chemical masks have shown quite limited results. At the moment, Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser has provided a specialized hyperpigmentation treatment which straightly targets on melanin without having effects on other skin areas. 


It is what makes this method totally different from previous ones, which had affected other cells or skin areas in one way or another. One of the most successful laser treatment technologies using Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is Laser Revlite. Laser Revlite is currently considered to be the most dominant laser technology in terms of melasma treatment.

Maximum Capacity and Versatility of Laser Revlite

Providing 1064 nm and 532 nm laser wavelengths with specialized MultiLite Dye handles which are capable of enlarging wavelengths including 585 nm and 650nm, Laser RevLite provides flexibility that you need to target on color spectrum absorbed by the skin and broken by subsequent links.

Technological Features of Laser RevLiteSI:

- SmartInfiniteTM (SI) handles, MultiLite Dye handles (585 nm and 650nm)

- PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse

- Speedy accuracy and easiness in treatment

SmartInfiniteTM (SI) provides continuous 0.1 mm microcosmic modifications at multiple size points that enable you to easily select the highest size point with the highest flow for faster and more effective processing.


Size point installation is automated with laser control system, enabling the change of size point to be faster and easier than ever. This makes the melasma treatment from small size points with limited areas on the face to larger areas, all able to be easily amended without the presence of a rigid beam which will cause time-consuming treatment in case of large dark skin areas. 

RevLite SI consists of MultiLite Dye handles which enlarge the wavelength capacity of laser. In order to accurately treat small pigmented lesions at low flow rates, hand drill 532Lite with a size point of 0.1 mm continuous increment is a part of RevLite SI system as well. 

Effectiveness and Comfort in Melasma Treatment:

With the presence of exclusive PhotoAcoustic Technology PulseTM (PTP), RevLite SI is a unique energy – dispersing laser system which delivers narrow pulse width at high capacity with the purpose of efficiently eliminating unexpected pigments. 


Clinical studies point out that PTP mode achieves greater efficiency and enhances the comfort for patients in time of treatment as well as skin recovery.

Treatment Subject:

Laser RevLite is suitable for all subjects who are in trouble with skin pigmentations requiring intensive treatment such as melasma, freckles, tanning, dark spots...

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