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Thin body with Tight Sculpting

Thin body with Tight Sculpting

TightSculpting® is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks


Tight Sculpting is the laser treatment using non-invasive wavelength. This treatment specialises in treating extra fat, sagging skin and shaping a thin firm body. The special double laser mode will destroy the area of fat adipocyte quickly, safely and efficiently without the need of diet and supplements.

 What can Tight Sculping do?

The treatment progress of fat reduction and firm body improvement using Tight Sculping can remove all types of undissolved fat; tighten skin as requested, create attractive curves; shape up the sagging belly and abnormal dark brown skin at unwanted areas like belly, thigh, bottom.

 Which unique features that Tight Sculping holds?

 Tight Sculping can also treat orange-peel skin (Cellulite)?

 How can Tight Sculping treat orange-peel skin (Cellulite)?



Tigh Sculping helps shape up the sagging belly area and remove abnormal dark brown skin color at unwanted areas like belly, thigh, bottom. With suitable frequency and wavelength, Tight Sculping is the safe solution to improve body curves, bring back a firmer and more attractive look.


No Hurting

The laser treatments with controlled energy output creates impact in the recovery and improvement process over skin areas with safety, long-lasting effect and leaves the tissues untouch.

No Bleeding

Using beams of light and controlled laser, with non-invasiveness, non-extraction, non-excess, high controll in eficiency, which is harmless to tissues and bleeding-free.

No Cooldown in time

Laser and beam treatments towards aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed specifically to optimize treatment result within the shortest time frame and require no cooldown.

Conduct Quickly

The system of treatment equipment and hand held devices are researched to allow the treatment processes to be carried out fast, easily and safely.

Medical Standardized Hygienic Process

The Singapore Standardized Hygienic Process, complete sterilised treating and relaxing environment help control the safety and the optimum result.

Personal Treatment Room

Each customer has personal doctor and their own private treatment room throughout the treatment progress with advanced equipments imported from Europe.


Throughout evaluation and consultant process from doctors, suitable treatment progress will be designed to fit each customer case and bring out optimum results.

Suitalble with these below customers:

• Busy people who wish to have a firm body in a short time.
• People with excess fat at biceps, belly, thigh.
• People with fat in belly for a long time.
• People with sagging belly after giving birth.
• People with cellulite symptom at thighs and arms.
• People using treatment methods but have no positive result.

Treatment zone

Face and Neck:
Helps firm up face and neck.
Improve flexibility and reduce the size of biceps.
Remove excess fat.
Helps shape belly firmly.
Reduces fat and firms up thigh skin.


The Tight Sculping Laser Progress is quick and takes just a few minutes:
Step 1. Doctor makes direct evaluation to design suitable treatment solution and bring out the optimum result for each customer.
Step 2. Our specialists will measure body sizes at the areas that require to be treated: Measure the body sizes before and after the treatment in order to compare treatment results.
Step 3. Doctor proceeds to treat with Tight Sculping Laser.

Note after treatment


1. After the first treatment complete, you will gain more reduction in fat with some additional treatments.

2. After 3 weeks, you will be able to see clearly all the changes.

3. After 2 months, you will receive remarkable result.

4. Your body is still removing excess fat and will continues to do so until after 6 months.

5. Customer who has completed excess fat and orange-peel skin treatment with Tight Sculping needs:

• Pay attention to hygiene and hydration for skin.
• Avoid using stimulating products and products that can cause allergy.
• Drink 2 litres of water a day.
• Have meals with vegetables, fruits.
• Follow a suitable time frame in working and relaxing.
• Exercise regularly.

Besides, you also need to observe your skin after treatment to discover any negative unwanted effects should they appear. Contact the docter immediately to consult for such problem. Any sensitive skin treatment needs to be observe carefully to reach the optimum result.



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