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Skin Rejuvenation with Tetra Lifting Laser

Skin Rejuvenation with Tetra Lifting Laser

Tetra Lifting Laser utilizes deep impact laser that have been approved by FDA, which produces enhanced collagen production for deeply skin rejuvenation.


Skin Revitalization with Laser, a non-invasive aesthetic skin treatment, has become popular in these recent years. With outstanding features, Tetra Lifting Laser helps treat and revitalize skin area on both face and body, bringing back the once smooth look without any harm or side-effects like other conventional methods. At Paragon Clinic, we provide suitable laser treatments based on different types of skin problem in order to optimize the treatment result and cut down on treatment cost efficiently.

 What is Tetra Lifting Laser?

Tetra Lifting Laser is the non-invasive skin revitalization solution approved by FDA for safety. A treatment specializes in firming up sagging skin, revitalizing look, filling nose and cheek groove without injection, bringing back the yourng, smooth, bright look for the skin quickly and efficiently.

 What is the difference Laser Skin Resurfacing?

 How do you know which Laser method would suit yourself?

 How does Tetra Lifting Laser work?


Tetra Lifting Laser helps improve the collagen production and covers cheek as well as nose grooves, wrinkles on the forehead, around eyes, at mouth corners, neck and whole body. This is a complete non-invasive skin revitalization method that can cool down the dermal level while creating impact with thermal energy at the epidermis, minimizing the inconvenience for customers.


No Hurting

The laser treatments with controlled energy output creates impact in the recovery and improvement process over skin areas with safety, long-lasting effect and leaves the tissues untouch.

No Bleeding

Using beams of light and controlled laser, with non-invasiveness, non-extraction, non-excess, high controll in eficiency, which is harmless to tissues and bleeding-free.

No Cooldown in time

Laser and beam treatments towards aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed specifically to optimize treatment result within the shortest time frame and require no cooldown.

Conduct Quickly

The system of treatment equipment and hand held devices are researched to allow the treatment processes to be carried out fast, easily and safely.

Medical Standardized Hygienic Process

The Singapore Standardized Hygienic Process, complete sterilised treating and relaxing environment help control the safety and the optimum result.

Personal Treatment Room

Each customer has personal doctor and their own private treatment room throughout the treatment progress with advanced equipments imported from Europe.


Tetra Lifting Laser has been approved by FDA for the safety level in revitalization treatment towards different skin areas on the body including face, neck, belly, arms, legs, bottom. Besides, Tetra Lifting Laser can treat aging and sagging skin problems without aesthetic invasive operation like painful liposuction process and other side-effects. Tetra Lifting Laser is the safe skin revitalization solution for both men and women with different skin colors and types.

Suitable with:

• Customers having wrinkling grooves on nose, cheeks or face and neck.
• Customers craving for safe skin revitalization process without painful operation.
• Customers who need to treat wrinkle, grooves on nose and cheeks quickly.

Treatment zone

Lift nose and chee grooves using internal impact.
Fill nose and cheek groooves externally.
Erase wrinkles and improve the upper lip.
Remove wrinkles, lift and firm up the chin area.
Lift neck grooves and remove wrinkles.

Note after treatment


After treating with Skin Revitalization Tetra Lifting Laser, customers can continue with their daily routine without the need to rest and recover from the procedure.

1. How long until the Tetra Lifting Laser treatment yields result?

Most customers notice the changes in skin color and look right after treatment. However, the treatment procedure will be given by doctor based on the skin status of each person, leading to different results as well.

2. Can Tetra Lifting Laser revitalize skin look effectively?

After the treatment, wrinkles, grooves will gradually fade, skin will be revitalized, reduced in sagging problems through the improved collagen production. This provides a lively, young and firm skin look.

3. How long can the effect last?

The effect will normally last from 6 months up to 2 years depending on the different skin types.

4. Should we undergo Tetra Lifting Laser many times?

Depends on the need and specific requirement of each customer. In most cases, customer will repeat the treatment after 6 months or a year.

5. What should be taken into account when treating with Tetra Lifting Laser?

Customers will feel a little bit hot and rash at the treated skin areas; however, these signs will wear off after a couple of hours. To take care of the skin after treatment, customers should avoid direct sunlight contact by applying suncream often.



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