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Skin rejuvenation with Chemo Peel

Skin rejuvenation with Chemo Peel

Cheemo Peel is the solution to regenerate tissues, revitalize skin by using permeable fruit acid, regenerate epidermis, and stimulate collagen as well as stroma.


Paragon Clinic utilizes the Skin Rejuvenation with Chemo Peel method (chemical mask) as a professional and efficient treatment towards skin problems. New skin tissus are regenerated while dead skin ones tear apart; without proper cleaning and removal, the remaining dead skin tissues would lead to tight pores, which is one of the main causes of acnes, rough and wrinkle skin.

 What is the ingredient of Chemo Peel?

A mixture of acids extracted from necessary fruits to get absorb to skin. The different types of acid will depend on the skin problems to bring out the expected outcome. The widely used ingredients would be retinol, beta hydroacid, acidtricloacetic, alpha hydrocyacid, acidsalysilic, acid glycolic, fruit acid...From the use of this method, the skin at the top would be removed in order for the new, smoothier, healthier skin to appear.

 How does CHEMO PEEL work?

 What can CHEMO PEEL do?

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Chemo Peel is the safe solution reducing any restriction from deep invasive methods by machines and improve the safety level as well as optimum efficiency.


No Hurting

The laser treatments with controlled energy output creates impact in the recovery and improvement process over skin areas with safety, long-lasting effect and leaves the tissues untouch.

No Bleeding

Using beams of light and controlled laser, with non-invasiveness, non-extraction, non-excess, high controll in eficiency, which is harmless to tissues and bleeding-free.

No Cooldown in time

Laser and beam treatments towards aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed specifically to optimize treatment result within the shortest time frame and require no cooldown.

Conduct Quickly

The system of treatment equipment and hand held devices are researched to allow the treatment processes to be carried out fast, easily and safely.

Medical Standardized Hygienic Process

The Singapore Standardized Hygienic Process, complete sterilised treating and relaxing environment help control the safety and the optimum result.

Personal Treatment Room

Each customer has personal doctor and their own private treatment room throughout the treatment progress with advanced equipments imported from Europe.


Every types skin and skin problems can be improved with this skin shedding method using chemical. After the treatment, skin tissues will quickly regenerate and skin color will change into similar tone, turn smoothier as well. Overall, people with light white skin are the best candidates for this treatment. Nevertheless, if your skin is of dark color, it will also be a good option for you.

Who should not use CHEMO PEEL treatment?

Chemo Peel is not recommended towards customers with infected problems, skin problems, skin with open wounds, skin with burnt mark from sunlight or skin with ulcerate problems.

- Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding their baby.
- People who underwent acne treatment with accutane for the last six months.
- People with psoriasis, eczema, infected skin or rosacea.
- People using Retin-A, Renova, other prescripted products with acid ascorbic, other whitening materials in the ingredients, or other acidic products within the last 48 hours.

If your skin has sagging signs or deep wrinkles, it is possible that there’s an incompatibility towards the chemical mask. Should that happens, doctor will consult you other treatment methods like skin surface regeneration with Laser Resurfacing. Don’t hesitate to consult with our doctors at Paragon Clinic to choose the right solution for yourself.


Treatment zone

Improve eye wrinkle problems and revitalize the eyes.
Make forehead wrinkles fade, remove rough skin areas.
Remove the remains of acnes, stimulate collagen.
Lift the nose and cheeks’ creases and remove small wrinkles.
Firm up the neck area, and remove neck wrinkles.


The CHEMO PEEL Procedure takes only a few minutes:
Step 1. Doctor will directly make evaluation so you will understand more about the skin tone, thickness, oily status, flexibility as well as the damage level towards the skin so as to choose the best solution with the right amount of acid.
Step 2. Vitamin A, Alpha Hydroxy Acid or other products will be applied on your skin.
Step 3. Your skin will be cleaned completely using sterilize liquid or other types of milk.
Step 4. Other types of acid are applied on the face and observed closely. Should there be any hot or itchy feelings appear, use cold towel to ease it.

* Normally, this method is separated into many steps. Customers will be consulted according to a specific treatment design and have to follow every steps of instruction closely.

Note after treatment


1. Treatment result depends on specific cases.

2. How long until CHEMO PEEL takes effect?

The effect cannot be observe right away until some time in order for the skin to restore (this depends on different types of skin) for about 3 – 6 days each 2 – 4 weeks. After this time, result can be observed.

3. How is the skin status after CHEMO PEEL treatment?

• • Skin will turn red and irritation during the next 24 hours; a few days later, the outer skin will dry and blacken in color. Ointment or moisture cream will be applied after one treatment day to prevent cracked skin. Water is harmless but try to avoid soap or any components: AHA, BHA,... within 4 to 7 days, Vitamin C is also good for skin in reducing the irritation.

• • Skin will start to shed and renew after 5 or 7 days, revealing the new pinky, smoothy skin.

4. What need to be taken into account when using Skin Regeneration CHEMO PEEL Treatment?

• Follow closely instruction and consultation from doctors, dermatologist about the skin care methods, the suitable suncream with SPF from 30 to apply.

• Avoid direct sunlight, especially from 10am to 2pm.



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