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Sensitive Skin Treatment with Anti-Inflammatory Laser

Sensitive Skin Treatment with Anti-Inflammatory Laser

Anti-inflammatory Laser is a sensitive skin treatment that stimulates TGF Beta to reduce inflammation, enhance collagen production for healthy skin cells.


Aging skin often comes with sensitive, infection, allergies problems; although to some people, it is genetically inherited. At Paragon Clinic, the laser beam will eliminate bacteria causing infection on different types of skin, creating a minor heat shock to blood vessels near the skin surface; as a result, improve the TGF beta production, whose function can reduce infection and stimulate collagen.

 How to know if our skin is sensitive?

Our skin is very thin and easy to get irritated, hurt. The skin gets sensitive when the protection barrier of the skin gets weak, causing many external factors to infect the skin like bacteria, chemicals, allergens.

 What symptoms does sensitive skin show?

 Is Anti Inflammatory Laser treatment effective?

 How does Anti Inflammatory Laser work?

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Anti Inflammatory Laser is suitable to different types of skin and can be adjusted correspondent to the sensitive skin problems without causing any irritated reactions for the skin. The low output laser system with small focus point can make a deep impact on the sensitive skin.


No Hurting

The laser treatments with controlled energy output creates impact in the recovery and improvement process over skin areas with safety, long-lasting effect and leaves the tissues untouch.

No Bleeding

Using beams of light and controlled laser, with non-invasiveness, non-extraction, non-excess, high controll in eficiency, which is harmless to tissues and bleeding-free.

No Cooldown in time

Laser and beam treatments towards aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed specifically to optimize treatment result within the shortest time frame and require no cooldown.

Conduct Quickly

The system of treatment equipment and hand held devices are researched to allow the treatment processes to be carried out fast, easily and safely.

Medical Standardized Hygienic Process

The Singapore Standardized Hygienic Process, complete sterilised treating and relaxing environment help control the safety and the optimum result.

Personal Treatment Room

Each customer has personal doctor and their own private treatment room throughout the treatment progress with advanced equipments imported from Europe.


The aesthetic skin problems of Vietnamese and Asian women have their own distinctive problems. Understanding this, at Paragon, each customer will have a personal doctor to treat problems for their skin like pores, acnes, pigmentation (melasma), aging, and how to get a thin body using European leading aesthetic laser technology.

Suitable to customers with:

• Redness.
• Noticeable symptoms like rash, flaking, swollen or rough skin.
• Skin with wrinkles and grooves.
• Itchy, stretched skin, skin with melasma or irritated feelings.
• Skin with many red blood vessels which can cause confusion thinking that skin is healthy.
• Skins that easily get irritated after contacting with sunlight or swimming.
• Red and rash skin after cosmetics use.
• Skin with strong reactiong and irritation after being treated with Laser Resurfacing treatment.

Treatment zone

Reduce infection, irritation, swollen or rash symptom on the cheeks.
T Area (Forehead, Nose, Chin):
Reduce swollen, prevent infection.
Soothe the skin, reduce infection and redness caused by irritation.
Reduce swollen, prevent infection, redness.
On the body.


Step 1: Doctor evaluates and consults directly to customer:
Before the treatment, customers will have their skin problems be consulted, analysed, and evaluated to find out the exact cause. Depends on the types of acne customers have like infected, blackhead or whitehead ones that doctors will design the suitable treatment process to yield the optimum result.
Step 2: Clean the skin area with acnes before treatment:
This is the first step towards effective acne treatment. Customers get their skin cleaned by our specialists, which freshens pores, removes bacteria on the skin surface, and prevent acnes from appearing in the nearby areas.
Step 3: Doctor will proceed the Laser treatment procedure directly:
Depends on each specific cases, doctors will proceed on treating with Laser using suitable frequency in order to get the optimum result.
Step 4: Our therapists will apply moisture cream and sun cream to cool down the rash area on the skin. Doctor also will give advices on how to take care of your skin after the sensitive laser treatment.

*To acne skin problems and big pores with rash problems for a long time, doctors will combine treatments using DPL to stimulate epidermis production, and reduce rash symptom after treatment.

Note after treatment


These side-effects are rarely found but it should be important to pay notice:

- The itchy feeling during the treatment process or a little short-term pain at the treated area. To some patients, these inconvenient feelings can be of minimal or average level but will not last long. Therefore, doctors may use anesthetic cream to avoid this.

- Redness and swelling. After the treatment, at the sensitive areas, skin tissues might get swollen. This is only a temporal and harmless reaction. The swollen area will subside after a couple of hours and doctor could require patient to use cool cloth or ice bag to recover from this problem.

- Skin gets thinner. Skin near or at the treated areas might get thinner. As a result, restriction about movement should be followed closely to avoid skin being torn easily.

- Wound appears. Few patients could hurt during treatment. This problem will take 3 to 5 days to heal and could leave scars.

- Other side-effects: There could also be a reduction or increase in pigmentation as well as skin tone, or leave scars after treatment.

If you have any questions or problems to ask, please contact Paragon Clinic through the phone: 0283 221 668 during work hours.



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