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Scar Treatment with Laser Resurfacing

Scar Treatment with Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing uses RF waves to reduce facial wrinkles and variety of skin conditions such as blemishes or acne scars safe and rapidly.


Scar is a type of injury that lie deep at the skin dermis; therefore, it is considered as one of the skin problems which is difficult to be solved. Nowadays, the scar treatment method approved highly by world specialists is Laser Resurfacing method. This method is regarded as both an effective scar treatment and the solution to tighten pores, provide a smooth, gentle look to the skin safely and quickly.

 What is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser Resurfacing utilizes the RF wavelength to extract using modern technology in the treatment and reconstruction of the skin.

 How does Laser Resurfacing work?

 What is the difference can Laser Resurfacing bring?



Laser Resurfacing extract the exact affected areas without injuring the face.This extraction from Laser Resurfacing causes the old external skin to shed, revealing a newer, younger skin surface.


No Hurting

The laser treatments with controlled energy output creates impact in the recovery and improvement process over skin areas with safety, long-lasting effect and leaves the tissues untouch.

No Bleeding

Using beams of light and controlled laser, with non-invasiveness, non-extraction, non-excess, high controll in eficiency, which is harmless to tissues and bleeding-free.

No Cooldown in time

Laser and beam treatments towards aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed specifically to optimize treatment result within the shortest time frame and require no cooldown.

Conduct Quickly

The system of treatment equipment and hand held devices are researched to allow the treatment processes to be carried out fast, easily and safely.

Medical Standardized Hygienic Process

The Singapore Standardized Hygienic Process, complete sterilised treating and relaxing environment help control the safety and the optimum result.

Personal Treatment Room

Each customer has personal doctor and their own private treatment room throughout the treatment progress with advanced equipments imported from Europe.


This treatment is suitable for large pores, scar acnes, pock-marks that destroy customer look. Besides, Laser Resurfacing combines with Daily Cleansing Laser System can cure skin pigmentation effectively.

Suitable for customers with:

• Skin with scars at pores.
• Large pores
• Skin with pock-marks
• Skin with defects
• Wrinkles

Treatment zone

Lift scars from acne, pore scars and pock-marks.
Lift scars from acne, pore scars.
Lift concave scars, pore scars or scars in general.
Lift concave scars, tighten pores.
Remove concave scars, provide a smoothier and firmer look.


The Laser Resurfacing procedure takes only a few minutes to perform:
B1. Doctor will directly evaluate and design the suitable treatment method to optimize the result according to customer need.
B2. Our therapists will use soft wet tissue to erase your make-up and clean any dust on your skin to prepare for the treatment; your eyes will be protected by a special pair of glasses.
B3. Doctor will proceed to treat your skin with the Daily Cleansing Laser method and help clean, widen your pores, control sebum production, brighten and stretch skin, stimulate strong tissue production to replace the old ones, improve body resistance and flexible string production, and cure sensitive skin problems as well as restore skin structure.
B4. Our therapists will apply cooling cream on your skin to reduce the redness effect and suncream to protect your skin from direct sunlight. Doctor will instruct you on skin care process after this treatment as well.

* To sensitive skin with redness problems lasting for a long time, doctor will combine with the Anti Inflammatory method to reduce the irritating effects and soothe the sensitive skin problems if necessary.

Note after treatment


1. Results may vary based on specific cases.

2. Customers undergo Laser Resurfacing treatment need to have a carefull skin care habit based on doctor instruction. Pay special attenttion to:

• Restrict the use of make-ups, cosmetic products.
• Apply suncream before going out.
• Avoid washing your face with extreme hot or cold water.
• Choose special facial cream which is gentle and safe for sensitive skin.
• Pay attention to hygiene and moisturization of the skin.
• Avoid using stimulants.
• Drink 2 litres of water a day.
• Eat vegetables, fruits.
• Follow a suitable working life style as well as having proper rests.
• Avoid overexcising or sweating too much.

Besides, you also need to observe changes on your skin after the treatment to discover any negative effects in time. Every treatment method for sensitive skin needs to be carefully observed in order to get the optimum result.



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