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Dr. Binh Huynh

Dr. Binh Huynh

Founder of Paragon Laser And Aesthetic Center

Life is limited but beauty can stand still with time. Thus, I always wish to bring the gift of beauty skin to everyone, bring wonder to their lives.


• Graduated in Medicine and Plastic Surgery at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
• January 2013: Aesthetic Dermatologist in Asia’s leading Laser Skin Clinic Group.
• January 2014: Medical Director of Singapore Healthcare Corporation.
• 2016: Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.
• Participate in the training and transfer of professional, high-quality laser Singapore technology for dozens of doctors in Viet Nam.
• Dr. Binh has treated more than 40,000 sessions including many Vietnamese and foreign women, celebrities, and successful Entrepreneurs, 


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