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Clinically Standardized Hygienic Process

Paragon Clinic always uphold and follow closely the hygienic and scientific elements; apply complete sterilization upon all functional equipments and procedures according to  Singapore standards to ensure you a comfortable treating experience here.

1. Always wash hands before conducting any procedure for customers. 

Because of having to contact with various objects, hands are the place where millions of different bacteria gather the most; hands are also the indirect method and cause of any infections which can worsen the skin problems even more. Washing hands carefully and sterilizing with alcohol liquid cleaner are what our Paragon therapists do to eliminate any bacteria no matter how high resistant they may seem.  

2. Avoide touching the affected skin areas directly with hands.

As this will increase the chance of invasion of dust and bateria harmful to facial skin.

3. Avoid using the same equipments for skin contact.

Using the same equipments for skin contact will lead to unwanted infection which can have negative effects towards customers mentally during the treatment. Thus, it is forbidden to use the same equipments for skin contact according to the clinical standards of Paragon clinic.

4. Avoid causing infection from one skin area to others.

The infection from one skin area to another contains risks in spreading diseases like: vulgar acnes, blisters, allergy,... . At Paragon Clinic, we ensure that no infections or diseases could be spread.

5. Always use sterilized products.

Paragon Clinis takes pride in following closely the sterilizing procedure for all products, which can ensure customers the high quality standards of all services at Paragon. 



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