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About Paragon Laser and Aesthetic Center

Experienced doctors

The beautify mission, the highest priority at Paragon Laser Clinic, is to maintain the perfect beauty for each customer that put trust on us. Safety plays the leading criteria of all treatment plans designed by personal doctor for different skin and body types, ensuring absolute honesty throughout treatment procedures at Paragon. 

Doctor Binh Huynh with other experienced and dedicated doctors at Paragon Clinic always research, study, apply, and improve advanced treatments in the aesthetic field for  South East Asian women.

Distinctive treatment solution

Each skin aesthetic problem from our customer will be evaluated and examined by personal doctors in order to provide suitable treatment design, time frame as long as long-lasting effiency.

Doctor and aesthetic specialist staff always observe carefully each step from customer’s treatment procedure; provide care before, during, and after the clinical standard treatment.

Treatments over complete skin problems.

The aesthetic skin problems of Vietnamesee and Asian women varies differently to each other. Understanding this, at Paragon, each customer has personal doctor to treat and observe all the skin and body problems undergoing the Europen leading laser technology treatment, suitable with customers’ expectations of a trustworthy treatment at Paragon.

Beside the strength in treating skin pigmentation problems for South East Asian people, Paragon Clinic also combines with treatments for other aesthetic skin problems like acnes, sensitive skin, aging skin, scars, pores,...bringing back a clean, smooth, and bright pink look for the skin.

Our motto is “Improving can never be perfect without a higher sense of beauty”. As woman, you deserve to be perfectly beautiful.

“Faster – Better – Longer – Safer”

Professional treatment procedure

Paragon Clinic always pay special attention to the hygienic and scientific factors during the treatment process for each customer. The complete sterilization according to Singapore Clinical Hygienic Standards for each product, device, and cosmetic that we use along with treatment procedures and services will ensure and guarantee with you perfect safety as well as efficiency during your treatment at Paragon Clinic.

Each customer will be provided and treated using personal one-use only devices as well as personal doctor to observe and control the treatment effectiveness through the process, preventing any outside factors to influence the results negatively. Laser treatment for different aesthetic skin and body problems are researched and designed carefully; optimizing result efficiency with shortest time frame requirment and long-lasting effect to suit the need and busy life of customers.

Elegant interiors with medical standards

Situated in the 9th floor of Diamond Plaza district 1, Paragon Clinis brings to customers the highly international standards of modern and elegant interiors, bar counter with view of the Notre Dame Cathedral and around the city center.

Our staff and specialists are always ready to serve and adapts to any requirements ranging from relaxation to beautification of Paragon Clinic customers.

Modern facilities

Our treatment rooms are equipped with a variety of laser and light pulses state-of-the-art technologies imported straight from Europe like Fotona, Revlite,...specifically for different customers. The whole equipments are invested carefully to suit the treatment design of each customer. Privacy is our priority as each treatment room will have a personal doctor, technical specialists to provide support and help for customer during professional beautification treatment process. 

Using non-invasive, non extracting light energy and controlled laser beam with high treatment efficiency, our methods cause no harm and bleeding to the customers. All the laser treatment designs have their energy sources controlled and adjusted properly for the purpose of restoring and improving skin problems safely, providing a long-lasting positive results with no invasiveness towards other skin areas. 



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